Styling Emily Otnes

When my friend Emily Otnes asked me to style her album cover and music video... I was thrilled! Collaborating with her on exactly what she wanted was so much fun and she loved all the props I suggested such as these paper lanterns, vintage suitcase and pillows, vintage knitted blanket and fresh hydrangeas (my trademark!). We also included glitter and confetti which is always fun to work with. Thank you for trusting my vision, Emily! I am so glad we got to work together! Thank you to Anna Longworth who shot and edited these photos, and to Hannah who assisted with lighting.
 Me, touching up Emily's lipstick. This was such a fun shoot! I loved helping her with her make up and painting her nails as well as styling her outfit, props, and the flowers in her hair. I am definitely in my element in these shots. So Happy .
Thank you so much once more to everyone involved with this shoot. Thank you to my beautiful friend Karin Kirsten of Wunderlust who so generously gifted this flower crown to me that Emily is sporting! Thank you to Elsie Larson for gifting me this beautiful headscarf I am wearing in these behind the scenes photos. If you'd like to hear some of Emily's music that will be available on her album on iTunes come Fall 2013, visit her youtube channel and Bandcamp! We're rooting for you, Emily!
*Styling, Make-up and Set Design by Paulie Antiques
love, polly


Unknown said...

Absolutely magical <3

Unknown said...

Stunning pictures, Polly!

xoxo, Suzy
Vintage Amore

Anonymous said...

wow it is so beautiful! :)
Irene Wibowo

Unknown said...

Freakin beautiful!


Anonymous said...

This shoot was so much fun to be a part of. My favorite shots are the ones where we're throwing glitter in front of her! Good luck, Emily!

Emma said...

You most definitely should be proud that this is your work, you all did a wonderful job, the photos are so pretty. What a beauty you had to work with. I'm sure Emily was over the moon!

Emma x

Sammi said...

SO beautiful, Polly! If I ever decide to make a solo record, you'd best believe I'll be calling you. And omg I am dying over that petticoat!!!

xox Sammi

es said...

These photos of Emily and the styling are spectacular! You drew on so many creative strategies to develop a memorable, charming, and a bit mysterious tableau. Congrats!