Outfit: Burning Photographs

These adorable shoes are courtesy of Bait Footwear and I adore them so so much. The color is perfect and so is the t-strap. They remind me of the 1970's with the chunky heel, too! They are just my style and very easy to walk in! I definitely recommend them! You should also check out Bait Footwear's website! XO
Thanks so much to my wonderful friends, Anna Longworth and Hannah for coming with me on this shoot!
Outfit details: shoes: c/o Bait Footwear Nana Flush heels
Tights: from my mother
Coat: Salvation Army (union label)
Pink socks: from my mother
Yellow skirt: Pendleton, Salvation Army
Blue bodess with peplum and lace peter pan collar: 1950's, local estate sale (I sewed on new buttons!)
*the glitter we are blowing is green rock glitter from Hobby Lobby (it's heavier and produces a better effect than the light weight glitter that is usually available!)
love, polly


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! The shoes are very cute. :)


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

what pretty photos, love how the snow catches the light! xx

Anthea said...

Great pictures and love your outfit!

Kitsune-kun said...

cute girls:)

Emma said...

Ooh I love that the shoes are called Nana Flush! They are gorgeous! Easy to walk in is my number one priority when it comes to heels or any kind! I just love that coat too, pink houndstooth....drool!

Emma x

Kailey said...

Gorgeousssss ♡ ♡ ♡

Anonymous said...

love the outfit! :)Irene Wibowo

Kati said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
Love your outfit a lot!

Have a lovely day,

Glória Hefzibá said...

Lovely pictures =]

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Angel said...

Wow, such lovely photos. Especially love the hair flip one.

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

Those glitter photos are absolutely stunning! So pretty! xo

Unknown said...

Your outfit is ADORABLE!

Sinéad Odessa said...

You are so cute! I love the pictures of you guys blowing the.. nature's dust? Haha! It's very artistic! Good job selling me those shoes, too, wanted to avoid shoe buying this month but I'm dragged back into looking at them at least haha. Oh, and your coat is COMPLETELY amazing.

Sorry I disappeared for awhile due to travels and finals. ): I'm trying so bad to get into a specific fashion school and I wanted all A's haha. But thank you for your beautiful comment on my DIY jacket!


Anonymous said...

Stunning <3

jensnowbird said...

I LOVE the glitter photos, what a good idea! (new to blogger :))

Anonymous said...

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