Reader Question: What camera do I use?

So one question that I get a lot is, "What kind of camera do you have?" or "What kind of lens are you using?" The answer is I shoot with a LUMIX GF3 with a 20 mm pancake lens. The camera is quite small and I am able to even fit it in a medium to small purse (if I am ever carrying one). It records killer HD video and the shutter speed is always impressing me with how fast it is. There are so many different settings available and manual focus is also an option that I love having! The depth of field available with this 20 mm lens is phenomenal up close. Anddddd the kicker... you can take off the lens! I'm planning on buying a 50 mm lens for it as soon as I can!
I hope this helped answer any questions. XOXO
love, polly :D