outfit: Dry the Rain

Gahh I am so happy that it didn't rain today. It's been so cold and windy/rainy lately that I've been convinced that mother nature has converted back to winter ways. Nothing much to say except it's a Monday and I've been hard at work at school and then updating my shop with more vintage and antique items today. I'll show you a peek at the end of the post! XO
outfit details: blue 1940's dress- Salvation Army in Champaign, IL.
flower crown- c/o Figmint Vintage 
color clocked heels- Jeffrey Campbell via Free People
red leather belt- Goodwill in Springfield, IL
red pepper earrings- handmade, found at Carrie's Antiques in Champaign, IL
blue suitcase- $3 at a flea market in Edwardsville, IL
love, polly


Unknown said...

polly! your skin looks radiant in these pictures! hehe :)

gwenivere said...

OH! The earrings!!!!

Maria Elyse said...

These are so whimsical and pretty! That blue color is gorgeous on you! :) And those Litas...ahhhhh my gawsh. Loves. ♥

Those antique perfume bottles remind me of my Grandma Audrey; she collected antique perfume bottles (one of her biggest collections besides vintage pill boxes, but her house was 90% filled with antiques) and she would've loved these ones that you just listed on your Etsy. :)

Maria Elyse

Heather Belle said...

Love those pretty red shoes! You look lovely as usual! :)
If those black shoes were just a couple of sizes bigger, they would so be mine... Darn!
xo Heather

Amelia said...

love the red accessories- lips, shoes, earrings! really pretty polly.

bridget anne said...

polly, you are positively stunning! i adore this look. those shoes are just peachy!

ftashion said...
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ftashion said...

Another beautiful outfit! I really love your red boots, they are such stunning statement piece! Did you make the flower hair band? It's so beautiful!

Fang Ting

April said...

I have some earrings like those blue ones that were mom's!!

Jessica said...

Hello sparkly girl! I love the pictures on the staircase. The lines are just fantastic. Thanks for the update about the giveaway. Just lemme know when you're ready!

Anupriya DG said...

LOVE your pretty headgear! And those new additions to your store looks awesome!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You look amazing and those shoes are just gorgeous! The weather has been really weird lately hasn't it! Its supposed to snow my way today and I can't believe it!

Love the new shop items!!


Sladja said...

those shoes... i'm in love!!
amazing photos!


Doganiam Motyle said...

wow amazing look

FigMintVintage said...

I spy...a certain floral fascinator:)
It found such a loving home with you!
Smooches, daaaaaahling!