Los Angeles Travels

 Everywhere we wanted to visit in LA seemed rather spread-out.. so we rented a car for 5 days while staying at an Airbnb in Northern Hollywood. I was semi-skeptical about Los Angeles in the beginning because it wasn't much warmer than Chicago when we arrived. I hadn't visited in about 15 years, but it started to grow on me as the weather warmed up to the 70's. Our first night we had Korean bbq and explored Korea town a bit. The second day we visited Universal Studios. My favorite part was seeing the movie sets of Universal Studios on the back lot tour. I really felt like I was seeing what dreams are made of.. it was magical to get a taste of how and where so many films have been created. 

As far as museums go, we visited The Getty, The Broad, the Neon Museum, the Tar Pits and the outdoor grounds of LACMA. There is really great sight seeing of the cityscape that comes along with museum visits.
I was born in Santa Monica so it was great to visit and get more of a feel for the city. I already can't wait to go back to LA and see more interesting sights and food! It was really nice to get out of Chicago for the holidays after my final exams. I might want to move here in a few years after I finish up my second degree. Thanks for reading.
 We really loved the Kitchen Mouse in Echo Park and had the cutest breakfast there... it almost felt like a little place that should be in Chicago.
The Neon Museum across the street from Din Tai Fung in Glendale
The most delicious coffee alternative made from Dandelion and Chicory root at Kitchen Mouse.

Cashew Yogurt with chia, pepitas, banana, home made granola and fruit at Kitchen Mouse.
Secret menu black sesame xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung

love, polly