New Orleans Travels

My first trip to New Orleans was a solo adventure booked on a whim. I arrived mid-June during the rainy season.. I couldn't believe how much it rained. I stayed in a friend's quaint little studio apartment with her two adorable cats and a ton of her plants. Thanks, again, Zahra.. (I love seeing your living spaces.)
It turns out my friend Katy and her partner Roehm opened a Rubber Library Flower Bodega that I spent a couple days browsing through in Bywater, as well. They have created such an inspiring space to read, explore and buy flowers. 
I visited the botanical gardens where I saw an original Louise Bourgeois spider sculpture that I've spent so much time researching, and of course I had donuts and coffee two times at Cafe Du Monde. 
I loved roaming the French Quarter and seeing the beautiful colors and listening to the music drifting from all around. One day as I was walking around I spotted a steamboat playing an enchanting old tune out of what appeared to be brass pipes.. it was just pure magic from another era. I found a few vintage clothing shops in the quarter along with lots of antiquing. My Great Grandparents drove from Mississippi to take me to dinner in the quater one night, too!
I highly recommend touring the circa 1823 Pharmacy Museum Apothecary in the French Quarter, as well. You learn so many interesting facts about the way medicine was and honestly it made me laugh really hard. It's an excellent value, at $5.
My favorite part of the trip was touring through the old cemeteries and reading the inscriptions on the tombs. I took a $20 guided tour of the oldest St. Louis Cemetery 1 in New Orleans and honestly I think it was worth it to hear about the history and hauntings. New Orleans is a very unique city that will always hold a special place in my heart and I'll never forget this trip. I am looking forward to going back! 
Also, I've never eaten so many crab cakes and gumbo in my life.. and what they say about alligator is true: it really does take like chicken.

love, polly