Visiting Woolly Mammoth in Andersonville, Chicago

 My friend Elliott and I visited Andersonville a month ago (or so) and I had been hearing about this antique shop called Woolly Mammoth. It's not very big, but it's definitely worth a visit! It cracked me up that they had plastic baby arms in the mouths of taxidermied fish. They really do have some very interesting things. I was particularly interested in this huge book of records from the Milwaukee Hospital for the Insane and the huge giraffe! 
Definitely go check out the Woolly Mammoth in Chicago's Andersonville if you get a chance. There's also an adorable ice cream shop around the corner called George's Ice Cream which I loved!
love, polly


Sydney said...

What an amazing place!

Gato Enojado said...

Omg what a fantastic place<3 I love the open sign. Your blog is really nice btw :D

Elisabeth Natasha said...

wow! nice photos! :)
tasha x

Vikee said...

Awesome pictures
You look amazing

Love Vikee

Purple said...

What a strangely awesome place!