A Portrait of Charles Gowin

This is my friend Charles. I stayed the night with him in his retro apartment while I was visiting Champaign, IL a few days ago. He gave me his Grandmother's sweatpants to sleep in, let me use his extra toothbrush, and let me splay glitter all over his bedroom and he didn't even care! He's the best and one of my best friends! We first met when I began to sit in on February Dance 2013 rehearsals because I was the costume designer. I made a post about February Dance here! We also started taking an improv dance class together- and loved to be partners for almost every class!
Charles and Luis wearing my costume designs for February Dance 2013 at the University of Illinois Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.
Anyway- thanks for letting me stay in your apartment with you, Charles! It's friends like you that make me LOVE LIFE!!!!! 
love, polly