Lavish Handcrafted: Jasmine Tea & Honey Shea Soap Review

Bonnie and her daughter Amanda Spaanstra from Lavish Handcrafted were kind enough to send me a lot of their beautiful handcrafted soaps last month and I've been enjoying them immensely. I just finished this particular soap off and I'd like to share the results. I naturally gravitated toward the more natural soaps because I always get scared of how my skin will react. I chose this Jasmine Tea and honey Shea soap and it was so pleasant to use that I used the entire bar! The packaging is beautiful and it exfoliated quite well with bits of Jasmine Tea. I loved the faint smell of Jasmine lingering in my bathroom after I had just showered. Also, it didn't leave my skin feeling thirsty... which is something I am very picky about. I felt like it had just the right amount of moisturizer, as well. I can't wait to review the next soap! Thank you for reading and please visit Lavish Handcrafted Soaps if you haven't already!
love, polly

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Anonymous said...

This sounds beautiful! I'm super fussy on soaps too, I'll definitely be checking these guys out =)