Outfit: In Between and Nicky Silver

Nicky Silver is by far (and so far) my favorite playwright. Have you read Fat Men in Skirts or the Eros Trilogy? Those are my favorite by him :)
 It's my last year of college, and I'm in the process of moving out.... except I am going to be homeless for a while, apparently. It's not a big deal, but my birthday is coming up on the 12th and I'd like to do something fun and have a stress free day. So I guess this is a "blue" in between post. It's little things like this that the normal person has to deal with all of the time... so I'm counting my blessings regardless. I'll be in my new apartment at least by August 20th! Nevermind the fact that I have nowhere except my parent's house to stay until then......
outfit details: 1950's black dress: vintage sale at the Red Herring in Champaign, IL
pink 1980's heels: Goodwill in Champaign, IL
black velvet fascinator: Yard sale 
black coral necklace on a gold chain: my mother's
apple earrings: my creation, DIY here
love, polly :)


KristiMcMurry said...

Super cute outfit! Love the pink shoes :) I've never heard of Nicky Silver, but I will have to check out those books!

fashion doctor said...

very beautiful,dear! amazing shooting! xxx

Unknown said...

Lovely photo's!


Unknown said...

Happy early birthday! It's my last year of college and I am in the process of moving out as well, so I hear ya there. Staying with the parents is a no-no? Wishing you the best of luck with all that jazz!

Katie Frank said...

Oh wow, you look so amazing and inspiring. i love this look.
Would you like to follow each other?

Aliya said...

This dress is beautiful! Looks amazing on you!

x Aliya
Hill Side Story