outfit: spring rain

It rained right after I got done snapping these photos today. I didn't mind much because this pastel pink jacket is water resistant and perfect for a light rain. Also, I can't be mad because it was one of those Spring rains when the sun is still shining and it's just so pleasant. Today has been a really great day so far. I found out my friend Tracy is quitting Dandelion Vintage in about 5 days and moving to Holland in the fall... which is bittersweet because I'll miss her so much but at the same time I know this is what she needs and it will make her happy. How life changes... but it all still goes on.
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I bought some incense yesterday and I'm officially obsessed with burning it in my room in the mornings. My favorite scent is Coco Mango.
This is my breakfast today.. a dessert cup with blackberries, a bushel of grapes, and a pure organic orange cranberry fruit bar. I am still drinking blueberry and mint infused water that I shared the recipe for last week... I put the blueberries and mint in my water pitcher... best idea ever!
outfit details: vintage purple wool skirt- Goodwill in Springfield, IL
teal lace up wedges- TJ Maxx
yellow bow blouse- Hip
vintage pink wool hat- my mother's in the 1980's
pink raincoat- For Cynthia
love, polly :)


Maria Elyse said...

I love this outfit so stinking much! The colors are so beautiful and that wool skirt is amazing. :)

Maria E.

Lyndall said...

What a pretty outfit! I am so in love with that blouse- the bow and the colour are just perfect.

Sladja said...

love this outfit! so vintage! :)

his_girl_friday said...

Beautiful outfit. I love, love, love those shoes.

lola said...

beautiful photographs ! really great, xx

ftashion said...

Lovely outfit Polly! The colours look amazing together!

Fang Ting

Karin (Wunderlust) said...

so wonderful. I love your skirt. I hope you are doing well dreamgirl xxxx

Polka Princess said...

Love the pop of blue on your feet! :)

Anonymous said...

adorable shoes!! love the color!!

hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog

ahh i love your outfit, the hat and skirt and lace up shoes. magnificent! too cool for school m'am

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

Katherine said...

LOVE the colours of your outfit, Polly. Gorgeous.

RUDA said...

Pretty outfit ,Polly !I like very much ! the colors, as always, amazing good ! :-) and the breakfast looks yummy ! :))

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I really love your outfit! What kind of incense did you get? I super love the smell of cinnamon and peppermint.

Hello Naka said...

lovely skirt and shoes, i love th shoes :)

Jasmine said...

Pretty combination, love all the wonderful colors together ♥