10 days of family (day three)

Day three of 10 days of Family is brought to you by my Great Great Grandfather Louis W. Zeiger at age 21. He is my Great Grandmother Frisina's father. This photo was taken in Blue Mound (right by my home town- about 30 minutes away) probably in the late 1800's. He had a brother, Fritz, my Great Great Uncle who I also posted a photo of!
love, polly :)


Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

Seeeeriously so so so cool that you have this photo!! I collect these "instant relatives" You are soo lucky to have a real deal family photo of this age!


Ruthy said...

What a beautifully preserved picture. It is really amazing how your family has held on to these pictures. Do any of your family members look like the past ancestors? If they do at least you have pictures to prove it. You can be like see I told you you looked like him. :D

Jasmine said...

Now thats a priceless photo I wish I have the collection of old photos, most of them are lost during world war 2

Diamonds&Pearls-Shandi said...

Very cool. I really want to research my family tree. I love looking into the past...so neat.