Keep me searchin' for a heart of gold..

My Grandma Kutch let me use her car today for these photos. It was raining and COLD. I had fun, though. When I saw those pictures of Rebecca in the snow blizzard I gasped! They look so brutal for her! I am glad it wasn't like that for me today! I was thinking that these photos are a little unrealistic because OBVIOUSLY I don't walk around in this kind of environment with this outfit. I put my coat on the ground and then suffered through it. I kind of like that idea, though.. suffering for fashion! haha.
The dress was found at Salvation Army Thursday. 
It really is an amazing dress with amazing detail.. it really reminds me of Mod.. I know it's definitely that style... and from looking at the inside and seeing the hand sewing and the label.. it's definitely vintage. 
I got the suitcase at Rebecca's Antiques and added the Vintage Vinyl sticker myself after seeing a Blitzen Trapper show for free there (you can see the video I took here). I really adore that record store.. I get a lot of my records there for 99 cents. I have the sticker all around my room, too!
My mother let me borrow her red leather belt, and she bought me the blue hand made bracelet from North Carolina this year.
The boots were a gift from my Aunt Kate and the tights and hat are from Forever 21. Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!
I want to personally thank everyone for the interest in my blog and the support.. you're all special and good luck to you accomplishing your new goals in the new year to come!
love, polly :D


NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

I ADORE your outfit! the dress is so lovely! and i love the mix of colors! Love the photo with the dress detail!
Don't be silly i LOVE your blog ! <3

Anonymous said...

These are lovely photos and the suitcase and dress are really lovely :) I've really enjoyed following your blog and I'm really happy your getting the success with it you deserve.
Love, Jamila

Amber said...

the details on your dress really are lovely

Anonymous said...

i'm in love with the dress! gorgeous details.

Anonymous said...

Great outfit, and fun photos! Good work toughing it out. :)

-Jamie M.

ching said...

i like that shade of purple. :D

Anonymous said...

What a great dress! you always have the best finds. i wish i had a camera cuz i really really really miss taking pictures. it makes me sad to see so many pretty things in a day and not be able to capture them.

i'm hoping to have my etsy store up in april/may. right now i'm living in a house of 10 people. haha. so space is very limited for me and all my stuff is packed away in the garage. but i'll be able to start making things again soon. but in march i'm moving to nashville, tn. i'm super excited but it's going to suck leaving la.

elia marie

Michelle Schraudner said...

This is super cute! And I love the trunk!

Emma said...

it IS an amazing dress, perfect colour and detail. also i assume you would put on a coat lol.
Scrapbook de la Emma

* said...

That dress is the most fantastic shade of purple and the tights add such a perfect touch to the whole outfit.

The pictures are go warm up you silly! :-)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Aw, such cute pictures! I figure it's not about how you walk around all day so much as creating that perfect mood/snapshot which expresses the outfit. I personally like my two coats, but no one is going to tune in to a blog of endless posts of them with a different dress sticking out the bottom, and nor are they going to like endless photoshoots of me in the neighbourhood cafe!

Wonderful suitcase, as usual, and I love your happy smile! Happy New Year, Polly!

Gracey said...

your outfit is so lovely! :)

Audrey Allure said...

Gorgeous outfit, especially your dress & tights!

Sophie St Vicious said...

your outfit & the case are beautiful :)

thank you so much for linking me with the giveaway portrait, I loved making it & I'm glad you like it <3

kimbirdy said...

i love love love that dress!!! it's so cute. way to be a true model, suffering for the sake of a good photo shoot! :)

gee said...

holy guacamole!!!
what an amazing find. that dress is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
these outfit pictures are perfect!
and thanks to your blog title..i have that song stuck in my head. hahaa..:)
have a happy new year love!

Karen said...

Isn't the hardware on vintage bags & suitcases the best?! They make my heart go pitter pat! :>

And while the dress might not be practical or realistic in the snow, it sure makes for a cute series of pictures! :>

Anonymous said...

yeah, right now i'm in LA. the only snow i see is far away on the mountains. haha. it's absolutly gorgeous but really expensive. but i miss my friends very very much and being without my boyfriend is like missing half of my brain, so i'm really looking forward to moving back closer to the people i love.

Sarah said...

These photos are so cute, love the dress.

artichoke said...

What a lovely dress! Awesome find :)

hueys said...

I love your little suitcase <3

happy new year!


Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

i have to say i'm selfishly glad you that bad?! well you are just so darn adorable as all get out and the lavender frock you're wearing needs to be displayed like continually! we have NOTHING like that at our sally ann store unfortch.

cheers and more cheers - can you tell i may have had some sips of wine, kinda makes me extra gursty...but whatevs YOU'RE AWESOME! ♥

plus, thank you so, so much for your note. i know these things aren't there every moment of the day but when they are at least we know they are felt deeply. xo

Jilly said...

Just catching up with my blog reader... i LOVE that dress! Love love love it!

Thanks for following my blog

Toni Tralala said...

I love the details in your outfit! SNOW! :)

Love Glasses said...

Great outfit