This is the woman I was named after.

This is my Great Grandma Pauline Lindsey. She is 95 years old. She has a sewing room, she paints EVERYTHING, and she smokes like a fiend. She is one of the biggest inspirations in my life. She is currently suffering through dementia and hallucinations of a handsome old man with a sparkly silver headband.. she says she swears to god that she sees him. She thinks she is over 100. She never remembers me anymore because I am away at school.. this fact makes me very sad. 
Proving that she loves to paint! haha!
I visited her on December 23rd with my mother. She is really an amazing person, and i know these pictures are going to be some of the last ones taken of her. After a while she starts to remember me.. it's sad, really. I used to visit her house every week last year. She gave me so many of her clothes and necklaces to wear.. I am proud to be named after her. 
Here are some pictures of her earlier in her life:
Here she is with her late husband, PJ, who I am also named after.
Here she is (on the right) in June of 1956 with my Grandma Kutch (her daughter).
Here she is in Key Largo on September of 1964. This is one of my favorite pictures of her :)
love, polly :)


Christina said...

Oh sweetie... *hugs* it is so sad to think of losing someone so dear to your heart. *more hugs*

On another note, can I say that this woman's lime green nail polish and huge watch with paint on it makes me completely adore her?

jen said...

that's awful. my grandmother is starting to suffer from dementia and it is so difficult trying to keep our spirits up.

she is so beautiful. those pictures are fabulous.

Indigo said...

ohh she seems so lovely! XX

gee said...

i loved this.
thank you for sharing.
i was tearing up.
i love that she still paints at 95..amazing..i hope i am still able to do that.
i visited my great aunt last month and she has Alzheimer's and it just breaks my heart.
but, she seems like the happiest person in the world. <3

Caralee said...

Oh Love, enjoy the time that you have, it is hard, but remember that thankfully, dementia is one of the ailments that is harder on the family than the patient. She may not remeber you, but you can love her and show kindness and she will be able to receive it and not be in pain or suffering. xoxo

artichoke said...

Aw, I'm sorry. She sounds like a lovely lady, though. It's great you got to spend so much time with her and that she's been such an inspiration to you. Love the photos you shared! <3

Anonymous said...

what a lovely woman. we're going through a similar situation with my grandma right now too. she's in the early stages of dementia. it's a sad thing, but it's so amazing to remember the best times.

Erin Dawn said...

These photos are wonderful. I bet she has many stories to tell! I'm sorry to hear she has dementia though :( Thank you for sharing this, I know it must be hard :/ XO

* said...

she sounds wonderful :-)
always remember how she was and smile!

Emma said...

Oh this post made me sad and happy at the same time. She's certainly a beautiful old lady :)
Scrapbook de la Emma

Claire Hart said...

so sad :( she looks so adorable though, and thos earlier photos are so stunning!

Deer Little Fawn said...

She seems like an amazing lady. These are great photographs. Beautiful heartfelt post. x

Joanna said...

This post is so bittersweet. It's heartbreaking what age can do to a person...I'm very sorry to hear that she is ill. On the other hand, 95 is quite an impressive age and you are very lucky to have had such an amazing great grandmother in your life. Memories last a lifetime.
+ Those vintage photos are beautiful!

All the best.

Anonymous said...

this is great. i just lost my great grammy last year. she was 101. she use to have doves and i remember when i was little i would go over to her house and thought it was the coolest thing to see them flying around the house and land on her so unafraid. she was still crocheting up until the end and i have the crazy uneven little blanket that she made that i will charish forever. hold on to these photos and these memories, they are beautiful!

Love Elia

An Occansional Ruffle said...

she sounds pretty awesome, lady. super class.

Unknown said...

i LOVE this!
your great grandma is beyond AWESOME!
send my love to her!

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

polly, what a beautiful post! i've loved hearing about your namesake and seeing pictures of her from the past and present. looks like she's lived a life that could fill many memoirs. sad to hear about her dementia but at the very least it seems she's having visits from a some kind of wonderful fella. my grandparents experienced similar illnesses, so hard. she is one strong lady, thank you for sharing. ♥

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Ah, just found this post. She sounds like a lovely and extraordinary lady. Dementia is horrible, my Canadian grandma was in a home for five years with it before she died. Even in the midst of it they still have good days, but of course there are so many bad ones. Lots of best wishes from me, and I'll also say that at least you're old enough to remember her properly. That's what dementia takes away; the memories, but you still have them.xx

Caralee said...

I have been there, I went through it and lost both of my grandfathers to it, the years before they passed, they couldn't remember us, but, my dad taught us all how to handle it, we learned to enjoy their reality and not dwell on the memories that they didn't have anymore, but the one's we could still make in the time we had left. Sure it was hard and we grieved when they weren't looking, but I'm grateful that I let myself enjoy the parts I could. You should too!