The Artwork of Kelly Louise Judd

Here she is, sitting in her hammock (drawing mayybe?)
I stumbled upon this suggested artist via my friend and pen pal, Ada. She is an inspiring person and her advice always seems to leave me inspired. This time I saw she posted a link on Kelly Louise Judd.
Her artwork is so mythical and inspiring to me. I'm not sure why I am so inspired by these rather damp and intricately dreary drawings, but I know it's art like this that makes me feel alive. I wish I could draw like this. I wish it so much.
You can see Kelly's blog at Swan Bones Theater.
You can also visit her etsy where she sells her artwork.
The charade of dark and dreary art still gets me every time. 
love, polly


Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

I love anything remotely whimsical so I am totally into this, I really like the second piece down of the wolf who gobbled up that girl!


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

These are absolutely wonderful drawings! And I'm not one of those people who says that about every artist posted. I'm totally into these, especially the woman crying while the raven perches on her back, and the wolf with the little girl inside. Might have to repost these at some future point... thanks, Polly!

Jerrica Janeen said...

The drawings are so amazing! But gosh, I can't get enough of that gorgeous hammock!

Amber said...

these are great. i love how the colors are somewhat muted, very other worldly

MySpecialAgent said...

Hard to pick a favorite. I love them all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are just so lovely and unique ^_^

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

I like the last few! they are so dark and surreal, but still they have something wonderful in them!

Morgan Jordan said...

Beautiful illustrations!

Thanks for your comment! Following you. :)