Outfit: Pastels

Happy Father's Day! Aren't these ranunculus amazing? They're from a wedding designed by Flowers by Stem and I struck the vases, candles and flowers last night as part of my job. I love striking weddings because I get to keep some of the flowers and play with them . Life has been very busy lately and although I don't get to spend Father's Day with my dad, I am going home very soon to be with my family for the Fourth of July and my Great Grandma Polly's 101st birthday. I am very excited to head home to Taylorville and see all of my family and the wide open spaces I grew up in. It's literally a breath of fresh air compared to Chicago! Anyway, I sent my dad some lavender, tomato and pepper heirloom seeds for his garden and lavender essential oil & soap to help him sleep naturally. I hope it works! I've been so fascinated by naturally healing the body with plants. We truly have everything we need to heal ourselves from our ailments. People have even been calling me a witch lately and I love it, haha! What an amazing and complex universe. I hope you and your father have a great day. What are you up to?

outfit details: Bait Footwear shoes
Brooks Brothers blouse, thrifted
vintage skirt & hat, thrifted
American Apparel tights
my mother's socks
love, polly

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Emma said...

Your hair is incredible Polly! I love it! But that bouquet is just so so beautiful. I adore all of the colours together. You're so gifted! (and I'd take the witch thing as a compliment!)

Emma x