Outfit: I'm All Eyes

Lately, I feel I have a super sensitivity to oras and light emitting from human beings... and by lately- I mean the past couple of years. It seems that I couldn't possibly be wrong about the intentions of a human being after closely examining their body language up close and also from a distance. I would like to think I have something like a provincial eye for these kind of things.... I wonder often if it's because of my recent obsession with practicing yoga and meditation. Meditation helped me overcome depression- it's so powerful! Another thing about this outfit is the "Seeing Eye" earrings c/o Now Or Never jewelry. The seeing eye reminds me very much of Egyptians and with this wig I am wearing I felt a little like Cleopatra (or at least the Katy Perry version of Cleopatra... haha!) I also love symbolism of the Eye of Ra in ancient Egypt and how it represents royal power, protection and good health. 
I love these earrings from Now or Never jewelry so much! I get compliments on them where ever I go and I like to think that they resemble the illuminati symbol of the seeing eye (which I am really intrigued by.)
Outfit Details: Dress: Vintage, Beatnix Chicago in Boystown
"Polly" Necklace: Navy Pier Chicago artist booth
Eye Earrings: c/o Now or Never Jewelry
Purse, Gloves, Hair Net Fascinator: Vintage
Belt: Salvation Army
love, polly


Sarah said...

You're so beautiful! I love your fascinator; I used to work in a hat shop that sold them and not just anyone can pull one off. <3

The Emerald Dove said...

Lovely pictures! That dress is such a pretty colour. :)

Lise said...

Everything you wear is perfection! The picture were you look to the left is strangely fascinating, I feel like your earring is staring at me...

Unknown said...

You look stunning! your make-up is perfection <3
Curiously I have a small collection inspired by ancient Egypt, I feel very attracted too by it and the symbolism of eyes. I have an article on my blog where I speak about it, check it out, I'm sure you'll like it!
I want to try meditation to help me with anxiety, any advice? :)

Thank you very much dear Polly!

Frilly Frenchie said...

really nice!

Anupriya DG said...

Lovely outfit!! And that necklace is so pretty too! <3

Sarah Oh So Kawaii Xoxo said...

Gosh your gorgeous! I would not have guesses that was a wig, it really suits you and sits so well.

- Sarah
Oh So Kawaii

Unknown said...

Such an amazing outfit, the mix of colours are just perfect <3

Katja - Viva la vida blog said...

Lovely blog, love the makeup! <3

Following you now, hope you will do the same :)