Outfit: Before We Begin...

Lately I've really been inspired by becoming a different person. It's almost like the person in these photos isn't even me- and I like it that way because it shows how diverse my skills are when making myself up to look like a fantasy person rather than reality. It's a sort of escape from every day life and I truly feel beautiful when I dress up in my wigs and eyelashes. I feel like no one can judge me regardless of what I'm wearing- I'm in my comfort zone when I'm wearing a wig. I certainly don't wear them to work, though... they are just for fun. I think it's also really thrilling when people actually think it's my real hair! I love fooling people, haha! It's all good intentions, though. I can't help but feel I am practicing for something bigger and more elaborate in the future, though.... That is still what I am trying to figure out. This is my favorite wig as of late- and I bought it in Uptown at a huge warehouse there where they are more than happy to let me try on all the wigs my heart desires. I went to Nathan Adhikari's studio for these photos. He's always an amazing friend up for anything. Thank you, Nathan! As for the weather- it's turning to Spring around here... I can feel it. I can't wait to get out of the studio and back on the streets of Chicago for my shoots! Happy (soon to be) Spring! Is it turning to Spring where you are? Which photo is your favorite? XO
Outfit Details: Dress- American Apparel
Shoes- Vintage, Adrienne Weber's personal collection
Hat- Vintage, Adrienne Weber's personal collection
Make-up Details: foundation: Amazonian Clay by Tarte
Lipstick: Red Velvet Velveteen by Lime Crime
Eyebrow powder: Anastasia brow Powder
Blush: Sephora Triple Blush Palette 
love, polly


Viva La DIY said...

Ever so lovely, you have impeccable style!
♡ Dulce

Lisa said...

That haaaaaat. :)

AVY said...

Totally hot, perfect figure.


Vikee said...

You look stunning
Beautiful hat

Love Vikee

megcasson said...

Absolutely stunning, like wow!

Laura said...

Wow, what a lovely outfit, that dress suits you so well
and I love your hair (: