Outfit: Andy Warhol Halloween

 It's no secret that I am completely obsessed by Andy Warhol's life, art, hobbies, interests, friends and legacy. When I lived in New York City this same time last year, I read a fabulous book on his life from the New York City Library called, "Pop: The Genius of Andy Warhol" and I laughed so many times at his humor and behavior. I went to see his Gold Marilyn and Campbell Soup Cans along with one of his Death & Disaster Paintings with Kate Gabrielle at MOMA in NYC, too! Kate gifted me a fabulous "Warhol Fan Club" pin, too. Thank you so much, Kate! I also picked up a huge carrot juice obsession after learning that is what Andy Warhol drank all of the time. I seriously can't get enough of the Andy Warhol Museum Twitter and I tune into Andy's grave camera that's live 24/7 and it calms me. I adore his work and his style.... a true artist who lived and breathed art yet is so misunderstood at the same time by the general public. I've always been obsessed with designing shoes and it turns out Warhol was quite obsessed with feet & designing shoes as well. I really wish now that I would have gone to the store to buy some silver balloons for this shoot since Andy was obsessed by silver (known to obsess people on amphetamines, which Andy was). He turned the every day into art by taking grocery store items and turning them into art.. thereby questioning, "what is art and what isn't?"
Costume Details: Pants: American Apparel
Socks: My Mom's
Shoes: Forever 21
shirt: thrifted
wig: Unique Thrift Store (bought new)
Glasses: c/o Glasses USA
wool blazer: My Great Grandma Pauline Whitmer Lindsey's (Polly)
love, polly


Annika Victoria said...

I died when I saw this on your facebook page!!! This is the absolute best halloween costume I've ever seen! All the heart-eye emojis ever, omg

Sarah said...

Awesome costume! You nailed it. :) I also went as Andy one year, and my best friend was Edie. xo

Vikee said...

This is amazing
Very creative

Love Vikee

Lucy in the Sky said...

Love your costume and love Andy Warhol. It's always so great to see people appreciating his genius when so many just flat out call him a weirdo. His impact upon the art world was simply insurmountable and his creativity was just incredible.

Claire Petersen said...

Amazing costume!! I love creative costumes like this for Halloween... I appreciate the Halloween socks too!

Technicolour Dreamer

Unknown said...

This is so cool and creative - love it!

Miranda said...

This is awesome!! Such a good job with an unusual costume. So cool!

Little Gold Pocket Watch

Crissy said...

omg these photos are amazing! You are so cool!!!

Emma said...

I LOVE your costume Polly! particularly the addition of the soup cans. Warhol was so stylish that even though this is a costume you wouldn't be out of place wearing this outfit any other day of the year!

Emma x

lisa said...

Oh my goodness Polly- you NAILED this costume! It's so perfect, and also looks like a comfy costume to wear around- bonus! Love the jumping pic, it looks like you're floating :)