Outfit: Pleated Pink

Today has been my first day off work in a long time and I don't intend on wasting it. I jumped in my car and I already had these suitcases in my car because of the Suitcase Collection Shoot last week for Thistle Magazine (coming later this month!). I am really excited to share it with you. This orange bag was sent to me courtesy of Sammy Dress and they are also currently a sponsor on my blog, as well. I love the bright orange bag and I've recently started using it as a hand bag, too! I really like how it comes with a shoulder strap and adds a pop of *orange* to my outfits since I am obsessed with orange. XO! 
outfit details: Orange Bag c/o Sammy Dress
Brown Suitcase: Gift from my Aunt Jan
Blue Suitcase: Flea Market in Edwardsville, IL
Pink Wool Pleated Skirt: Goodwill
Blue Blazer: Vintage, a gift from Linda Zimmers
Vintage Leather Riding Boots: Goodwill in Champaign, IL
Vintage Blue Earrings: Carrie's Antiques in Champaign, IL
Vintage Pink Flower Ring: Etsy
Antique Sleeping Hat: For Sale in Paulie Antiques
love, polly


Pearl said...

You look amazing! I have a weakness for pleated skirts and suitcases too! <333

littlegrannies said...

just love your posts!
your style is amazing.

Alexandra Marie said...

Fantastic outfit <3 Alex


Purple said...

Everything about these photos just says perfection <3

Marta Chan said...

I love your blue suitcase!! And your eyes are so sweet. Hope you have a wonderful day off <3

Vikee said...

Beautiful skirt
you look gorgeous

Love Vikee

Sydney said...

I really love how you style the sleeping hat. I'd never think of wearing it like that, it looks absolutely perfect ♥

~ K said...

I adore your eye shadow! So many colours.

I don't know what it is about this outfit, but it goes together so well. At first sight I thought it didn't but then I saw more and more pictures and I just love the little pops of colour with the blue blazer and the bag and the contrasting pastel skirt.


~ K

Wild Flower said...

You look absolutely amazing. I especially love the colorful eye shadow, I wish I could pull off something like that!


P.S. So glad you found me blog because it led me to find yours! :)

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

you look gorgeous!! i love the mix of pastel vintage w/ a somewhat grunge look here (maybe it's the boots that makes me think that). either way, it's an unsuspecting but absolutely wonderful mix together!