My best friend, Lauren's headshots!

Today I took my best friend's headshots (the last two and the ones with her hair in her face aren't for her headshot... I'm just obsessed with them!) She's getting ready to graduate from DePaul (Chicago, IL) with a degree in Acting. She's always wanted to be an actress since we were little girls. I remember her telling me about her dream of winning Oscars and Academy Awards when I was so small and I wondered how she'd come up with such an idea. I never had a real dream of my own until I decided after my first year of college that I wanted to design costumes for the movies. I knew then, that dream would develop into something beautiful... which eventually became Paulie Antiques. Growing up around Lauren has made my life meaningful and worthwhile. She reaches for the highest stars with her dreams.... and that inspired me to do the same. Thank you for the courage to believe in my dreams, Lauren.... I love you more than I can ever show.
love, your best friend polly