Springtime Nostalgia

These photos are from last Spring when my friend Nibia and I spent her last day in town together. We had breakfast together, packed up her apartment, drank wine, went to the pool, and rode bikes. It was a seriously amazing day and I'm so lucky to have spent it with her. She has now moved to Brussels for graduate school and I miss her like crazy. Nostalgia is hard to escape when looking through these photos.....
What is your favorite part about Springtime?
love, polly


Katherine - The Beauty of Life said...

I love spring, it's my favourite season! I love sitting outside, the cool breeze, wearing open toe shoes, going out without a jacket on.

And I know how it feels to be separated from amazing people in your life. It SUCKS!

Heather Belle said...

Uuuugh I miss Spring. I'm excited for Fall soon, but I seriously miss spring.
These photos are just lovely <3
xo Heather

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love the headscarf! =)

Faye said...

I love spring, I think the best part is seeing the first flowers of the year and blossom on all of the trees. :)
Faye x