Misikko product review: Hana 1.5" flat iron!

When I got the email from Brian at asking if I'd like to receive one of their flat irons valuing in almost 120 dollars I gladly accepted. I've straightened my hair back in high school but ever since my two Chi straight irons BROKE I haven't bought a new one! I was surprised when I received the package because it was shipped so fast and had all kinds of extra goodies inside like nail files, fake flowers, lipstick, eyeshadow, an eye mask, and an eyebrow pencil! VERY generous! It also came with a cute pouch for the iron and a metal tin to store it in along with a mat to protect the surface of your vanity!
Despite losing a lot of my hair after dying it various colors (black, red, blonde, peach..) my hair is still quite thick and it takes a while to straighten. Even then, it doesn't want to stay straight! The Hana 1.5" iron I received was very good at straightening my hair fast and efficiently! (it's pretty humid outside right now, though.. and my hair is quite upset by this fact and loves to wave) I love how the cord is so long because I totally watched Marie Antoinette while doing so!
I am excited for the winter because then I won't have to worry about so much humidity in the air. I'll continue to use this straight iron as long as it lasts and take photos! Thanks so much, Misikko! I love it!
Here are some new products also by Misikko that you might enjoy: flat irons, curling irons, chi straightening iron.
have a lovely day! I am off to mail some packages♥.
LOVE you! polly


Meena Dhuga said...

so cute! love your turquoise ring you are wearing btw!

thank you so much for following me!

Meena x

Anonymous said...

So cute, I never use flat irons as my hair is naturally straight, but I have been looking on a curler for some years now. I just need to get myself to buy one of them.

Your umbrella and sunglassses in this photos are pretty great also. I love them!

kimbirdy said...

look at your straight hair! it's so fun to have a change like that from time to time. although, i know just how hard it is to straighten thick, curly hair. mine won't do it at all.

X said...

Your hair is so pretty straight for a change. My hair is so poker straight I don't need a straightener but great review :)

Unknown said...

Wow@ thats so cool that they sent you that. and it seems to be a pretty good straightening iron. I own one from stefans and it straightens my mess out real good :) So if i didnt have one already I would probably consider that one. found you via Mara :) You are pretty cute x

Lyndall said...

Ooh I love how they put so many goodies in the box. Quickest way to my heart! Hehe.

I have a GHD iron that I use and I love it. But this one looks really good too!