Just call me the suitcase lady!

Well, hello, there :) Thanks so much for coming to my little blog.
I just got this umbrella at Lisa's Antique Mall (see post below). It was 40 dollars! So expensive... but my mother bought it for me for my birthday. I think it is soo worth it :D
Happy National Thrift Store Day!
This shoot was rather cool! No mosquitoes, no sweating, no hot sun. Today was rather cloudy, actually.. I enjoyed it quite a bit. :)
I love the colors on this umbrella.. I have never seen anything quite like it!
dress: Modcloth.com
shoes: $3 Goodwill
necklace: gift from an antique store in Rochester
umbrella: Lisa's Antique Mall
suitcase: $2.50 Salvation Army 
love, polly


Sandra said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Signe said...

That umbrella is indeed amazing :)

Aoife Blake said...

Agreed, the umbrella is amazing ... aw your mom is so lovely to buy it for you :)
Also, can't believe those gorgeous shoes were 3 dollars! *gasp*

LolaDee said...

Looove this! Can I have your luffly umbrella and suitcase please ok thanks x

Jessica said...

you are too cute ! love your tattoo, what does it say ? your blog is awesome hun.



STACY said...

what an adorable dress and outfit!
love all the blue :)


carly. said...

i've already commented saying how amazing that umbrella is...now it's time for more amazing'ness...that dress! it's so fantastic and looks so great on you! i love love loved this post and photoshoot. the colours are just wonderful!!


ps: and you are so adorable, as per usual!

ching said...

unbrella-ella-ella-e-e-e ..sorry, i had to do that. haha

stunning photos :)


Caroline said...

The umbrella is so great!! I love it, the little edge of it is so sweet :D

Isquisofrenia said...

so adorable this outfit matches the umbrealla really good and wow 3 bucks for those lovely shoes
what a deal!

Anonymous said...

Eeeee, I am in <3 with your outfit!

christen. said...

oh lawdy! my absence has left me with much to read!
can we swap lives?
you are too cute miss polly bland! :D:D

Kat said...

Polly, you need to come model for me. We live 20 min apart from each other lol I am getting ready to do an Emily Dickinson photoset for my blog and I would love it if you modeled for a couple of sets.

Anonymous said...

How about the lady in her "perfect blue umbrella and little blue dress".

Love it, Polly.


Indie.Tea said...

I LOVE your umbrella! Its so cute! And I love your dress...its so perfectly pretty. I would be happy to have either of those in my closet!
p.s. thank you sooo much for the lovely comment. I adore your style myself :)

SMASH said...

those shoes <3 and ahhh The Suburbs is so, so good! Way better than Neon Bible ;)


Hunter and Hannah said...

Love these pictures! Your dress is adorable!

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

<3 I seriously love these photos. THey are incredibly adorable. Just awwww. I love every single one of them so much!!!!!!

v a m p i r e said...

the umbrella is pretty pricey USD 40 is around RM150 Whoah !

but its color is pretty amazing i love the inner part of it , the pattern is so pretty

so its worth it plus your mum bought it for your birthday , so that made it priceless and a meaningful gift :)

i love the location you took all this beautiful photos

my fav is the one you're holding the umbrella and back faced , its almost like you're flying

have a great great day ♥

Cherry Red Studio said...

that umbrella is quite the find!!

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

love arcade fire! but yes these pictures are gorgeous, you look totally adorable :) x

Sisa System™ said...

There is a Award for you on my blog for >> The Autonomous Blogger <<!

Yes you are! :D
Come and pic it!


Holly Knitlightly said...

You are sooooooo freaking cute! Thanks for adding my button! :) Yours is up on my website too. GO Polly & Holly! Haha! And if I can find the hairdryer I'm totally totally sending it to you. :) I will look for it this weekend!

Teresa said...

Adorable outfit and umbrella Polly! Thanks for following! I am now your newest Bloglovin' follower!


Natalie said...

so.so.sooooo pretty! lovin the umbrella and dress behbeh!