Paulie Antiques Fall 2015 Look Book Featuring Rachael Soglin

Meet my new model, Rachael! She lives right in my neighborhood in Chicago and she's adorable! We met one night a few months ago while at a bar. I couldn't stop noticing how cute and fun she looked from across the bar so I went over and asked if she'd like to model for me. There were no ifs, ands, or butts- Rachael was on board! She's down for anything I love that about her! I am excited to hang out, again, Rachael! 
In these photos, she's wearing a yellow dress and bow tie that I designed, patterened, and sewed from scratch! 
*Thank you to Anna Longworth who bought this orange fedora for me :)
Here is Rachael wearing a skirt I made and a sheer dotted -swiss short sleeve top I stitched.
All photos taken & styled by me, Paulie Antiques
Model: Rachael Soglin
love, polly


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Unknown said...

Your styling is always sooo good, and your designs look great! Rachael is a total qt!

Vikee said...

Beautiful outfits

Love Vikee

Lindwormmm said...

She's so cute :D
I love the yellow dress and the warm colour palette <3

Sybille Green said...

Such an adorable outfit!
I love the colours <3

Have a nice day!
Sybille ♡

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