Outfit: Colour Me In

Man oh man... changes just seem to be sweeping through my life, lately. I love change, but I didn't necessarily see it coming so fast. My calendar has filled up with interviews for floral jobs and I am so happy and hopeful that I will be hired! I took these yesterday while on a stroll by myself. The weather has been pretty nice in Chicago, lately... I am beginning to remember why I love this city.  
Outfit Details: Vintage Lace Dress- Dandelion Vintage
Hat- My Mom's
Heels- Ecote
compass necklace- early birthday gift from my parents
love, polly


Hannah | The Outfit Repeater said...

You look perf! Best of luck to you with your new floral adventure. I guess you could say everything is coming up roses for you? ;)

-Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

Zuzana said...

You are so stunning, Paulie!
Lovin' the way you combine things, always special and original, always you and very personal! You are so inspirational! ♥

♥ Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥


Ali Hval said...

Hey girl, congrats on all the floral jobs! That's incredible to be doing something you love. Changes, changes, changes. :) They come fast but they're a good challenge! Keep it up!

I'm loving those heels. And your tights!

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely beautiful! I always love the colors you put together in your outfits. Always so bright!


Vikee said...

You look beautiful
Gorgeous outfit

Love Vikee

Anupriya DG said...

Pretty girl! The shoes are awesome! <3

Lindwormmm said...

This is such a romantic look <3 Love those chunky heels!

Sarah said...

So good! I love your jaunty little hat and those rad orange tights. :)

Viva La DIY said...

So lovely :)