Outfit: You Can't Stop the Beat

At the risk of sounding cliché, if there's one thing I've learned this past year since graduating from University it's that: life goes on. No matter how you feel today, tomorrow or two weeks from now: life will continue to go on and the world will continue spinning in cycles of night and day.. Autumn and Spring. This may sound like a funny thing to be realizing now, but I've always lived in the "lap of luxury" until graduating from university and being on my own. I've really been faced with a lot since moving to New York City and then Chicago by myself. I've slept on floors, couches, alongside other people in their beds and even outside. I've washed my socks, underwear and clothing in the shower because I was too poor to do laundry. I've been dealing with weight insecurities and acne issues, too. I have been living a freelance life and this is just the beginning... and I'm still pretty scared about my future. I am certainly a real person with real problems but after facing these minor insecurities, I've really realized how small my problems are and how lucky and happy I am that my problems are manageable. I can only hope that more fortunate people share their joy and happiness with less fortunate and the less fortunate will have their luck increase. In the blogging world it is sometimes forgotten that fashion bloggers are real people with issues of their own and problems. I don't really mention my problems on my blog because that's not the atmosphere I wish to create... but despite these ramblings of mine, I want you to know that whoever you are, wherever you come from: I appreciate you being here, I appreciate your struggle in life, you're not alone. You are beautiful.
Outfit Details: Wedges: Steve Madden
Dress: American Apparel
Socks: UO
Hair Fascinator: Vintage
Bagpack:Nevermind: Local shop in Southport, Chicago
love, polly


Anonymous said...

This almost sounded like a direct response to my last post! Which was a little bit of a whinge-fest. I'm sure it wasn't in response but it was lovely to read none the less! :)

Sammi said...

Beautiful post, my friend. You inspire me. <3

xox Sammi

Wild Flower said...

Loove the outfit, especially that fascinator! How cool. I only have one more semester of university left, I'm totally excited of course, but also nervous for what comes next! Thanks for the lovely advice :)


Alexandra Marie said...

Beautiful! Love your hat <3 Alex

Lorna said...

This fascinator is just awesome !!


Elliementary, My Dear said...

Your words are so inspiring :) Post-college life is definitely hard to adjust to but you're right about the fact that life goes on.

Anupriya DG said...

You are beautiful too, Paulie my dear! And I am sure you are learning valuable lessons from all these experiences you are going through and emerging at the other end, string & confident! :)
That's the beauty of life!

Vikee said...

You look absolutely stunning
Pretty outfit

Love Vikee

outfitvandedag said...

You look gorgeous!
Follow each other via GFC and G+? Let me know if you're in!
Enjoy your day

isa |

Ali Hval said...

I love the title to this--now I'm singing it in my head, which is quite unfortunate, really, because "you can't stop the beat" is the only part of the song's lyrics that I know... :)

Augh, the colors here are so so beautiful. I can't get over your super bright socks and that headpiece. Gorgeous outfit, my love!!~

Elisabeth Natasha said...

omg, i love your vascinator! so beautiful <3
tasha x

Purple said...

Wonderful post. You are gorgeous and inspiring. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and ramblings <3