My Sister Emily Visits Chicago & Chicago Lately

My sister Emily came to visit Chicago yesterday and we had the best time watching the performance of the show I assisted costumes on called Brigadoon at the Goodman Theatre in downtown Chicago. We attended the fancy inclusive company party afterwards where we had tons of free wine and food. We explored Bucktown by Wicker Park this morning and had these fabulous pancakes and fruit pictured below. It's been a year or so since I've seen Emily, and I really missed her so much!
Hannah and I met up to go to Hash in Logan Square on July 4th, and then we went to a yoga class for an hour and a half. I am still sore even today. Thanks for sharing breakfast with me, Hannah! I love exploring Chicago! ♥ 
These polariods were taken by my friend Kim just before July 4th. We had the best night dancing in Boystown and drinking half price martinis. Summer is so good right now! I've really been living in the moment and exploring the city as much as I can. Now that I've completed my internship with the Goodman Theatre, I'm looking into other theatres in Chicago and looking for a waitressing job. How is your summer so far?
love, polly