Spring Pressings & Failed Outfit Post

Before I left to move to Chicago, I tried to photograph an outfit of mine... it was incredibly windy that day and my tripod kept falling over. The first photo above was the only salvageable one from the shoot. Hopefully I'll have many more in Chicago to come! Here are some pressings I did so far this spring. I'm happy that Chicago is blooming everywhere and I live in a semi-residential area that has beautiful white blooms on the trees. I can't wait to visit Lake Michigan and the beach, of course! I start my paid internship with the Goodman Theatre tomorrow so I'll be traveling to the downtown Chicago Theatre District 5 days out of the week full time. I'm really excited to be by the beach.... more to come. How is the beginning of your summer? XO
love, polly


Vikee said...

Beautiful pictures
You look fabulous

Love Vikee

~ K said...

haha I'm too afraid of that happening to take photos in the wind. Chicago sounds exciting, can't wait to hear all about it!

Pretty flowers!

~ K

Beth Officer said...

Such beautiful flower pressings! and you look gorgeous, of course x

Anupriya DG said...

Such pretty flowers! <3

Emma said...

I can't believe you've moved to Chicago! That's great, so happy for you Polly! The flower pressing are beautiful, are you going to incorporate them into an art piece?

Emma x

Purple said...

Even for a "failed" outfit post, you got such a lovely image. I wish you all the best in Chicago, my dear <3

Elliementary, My Dear said...

Such lovely colors in both the flowers and your outfit :) Good luck in Chicago! I'm visiting there for the first time this summer and I'm super excited.

Crissy said...

So happy for you!!

I love these photos :)