Sitting down at a coffee shop with Miss Strangename! (and the fabulous interview she agreed to with me)

Some people are just absolutely fabulous without thirsting for recognition. Miss Strangename is that girl. This interview is based off of the time I spent at a coffee shop in Urbana, IL with the girl who calls herself Elizabeth Jin, also known as "Miss Strange Name." Her blog is called The Fantasy of Miss Strangename and here she shares her inspirational style posts that are like no other blogger I've encountered, or ever will! She's so down to Earth- meeting her was a total joy. Enjoy the interview and feel free to leave comments and questions for her to read!
 Where were you born? What do you remember of your childhood? What were your favorite games?
Miss Strangename: "I am from Southern China, and I have been living in the United States for only two years- and that has been to go to the University of Illinois majoring in accounting. It's much easier to earn a 4.0 GPA in the USA. I started speaking English in primary school while attending a boarding school in China, and it has always been my best subject. I don't have any favorite games because I don't play them- I am terrible at playing games so I just don't want to hurt my own feelings," she giggled. "I did love playing with dolls as a child, although I had to save money and buy them myself. I eventually filled up my bed with dolls!"
 How did "The Fantasy of Miss Strangename" come about? It is such a unique name..
Miss Strangename: "I call myself Miss Strange name because my Chinese name is too hard for people to pronounce in America. Americans see the spelling of my name and say it just doesn't make sense to them- I have just spent a long time explaining my name. Another reason why I call myself Miss Strange name is because I like to remain anonymous. I don't need people to know me or think I'm fabulous or famous... I just enjoy dressing up and documenting it through my blog. I started documenting my style in May of last year and created a blog not too long after starting my ChictopiaI also call myself Elizabeth Jin as well, and Jin means "gold" in Chinese."
Who are your role models?
Miss Strangename: "Liz Lemon from 30 Rock is really independent and funny- the kind of woman who can take care of herself and live in a positive way-and she's super talented but she doesn't have style at all. Her state of mind is what I admire. She is my role model for this reason. Shanshan from Tiny Toadstool is a wonderful fashion inspiration for me. She really makes me want to visit Japan. My mother is also a style inspiration for me. When I look at old photographs of her in the 1970's- she looks so beautiful and young with her wedge platforms on. I was surprised to discover that she wore those!"
  Do you thrift shop?
Miss Strangename: "Yeah! Totally! There is a Cross Road thrift store in Evanston, Illinois that I really love. My boyfriend Sam is from Evanston so every time I go to visit him I spend almost half of the day there."
How would you consider yourself, socially?
Miss Strangename: "I am an Otaku," she laughed, "My mother used to tell me that I was introverted when I was younger and I didn't want to leave the house- Otaku means "some guys who are always at home watching anime and never go out and play video games." I feel I am kind of like- a female Otaku. My boyfriend is Otaku, too... that's why I like him... he watches anime with me. I am really into the show, Psycho Pass. It's super violent but in a beautified way. I also love Quentin Tarantino's films and the squirting blood. I don't even feel scared because it's so ridiculous."
"I always want to be young forever," she laughed, "I feel like "girly" style is really fashionable. Recently I am so obsessed with Soap Operas in Japan... because it makes me feel like a girl again, haha." She doesn't think height matters too much in relationships, and agrees that it's pure adoration.
Make sure you take some time to see some of her style posts.... they are incredibly inspiring! If you haven't seen our style post together with Hannah, here's one photo from the shoot below and you can see the entire post here!
love, polly


Harija said...

WOW!!! Stunning photos!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the interview! Anybody who love Liz Lemon get's a plus in my book! lol Her style is amazing like no other I've seen!

Sammi said...

Gosh, she's truly amazing. Her sense of style is out of this world! Love all these photos, and this interview was great!!

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Her style is so eclectic! I love all her matching suits! x

Claire Petersen said...

Love the zigzag tights! :D

Ellie (or Bernie) said...

You're really good at doing interviews! So interesting:) Love your cloths and everything!

In Christ,

Ellie (or Bernie) said...

You're really good at doing interviews! So interesting:) Love your blog!

In Christ,

snow said...

she's so amazing! I will have to check out the anime she recommended. her style is so surreal & perfect!

Angi Solle said...

Her outfits are absolutely fantastic!

Angi Solle said...

Her outfits are absolutely fantastic!

Sims Wishes said...

Hey style is so quirky and unique! Not many people could pull off that style. Very brave fashion choices and I love it!

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Awhn yes i really like your blog! thanks <333333333

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Great interview! It was so awesome to learn so much about Polly. I love her style! :)

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She has an awesome taste in fashion!

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Very colourful outfits
It really nice that you feature other bloggers on your blog! Great job.

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i do love her style!

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so gorgeous and stylish!