My Uncle Jim Boy's Antique Shop in 1971

When I asked my Uncle Jim Boy for photos from his antique shop called, "Lindsey's Antiques" he took a couple of weeks searching for them and I heard nothing from him about it. I became more and more intent on hearing his story over the next couple of weeks. I pried more intensely into the subject of his antique store (which I had only just learned about) and asked him what he sold in the store and where it was located. I was thrilled to have permission to dig into his very large tub of our old family photos including some of these amazing black and white photos from February 1971 of his  antique shop. I learned that he opened up shop in 1970, the year after leaving the Military. I am so inicredibly proud of him and I really enjoyed the time spent with my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jim Boy in their living room talking about our family and genealogy and sorting through our old family photos. My ancestors are such a huge part of who I am and what influences me! Lindsey's Antiques was open for a 3-4 years in my home town, Taylorville, Illinois in the early 1970's. My Uncle Jim Boy Lindsey collected and sold old bottles, old books, victorian dresser pulls, depression glass, scales and more! He didn't sell clothing- and he says that if he ever did sell clothing that it would have been vintage army uniforms. He called himself an "Antique Shop Newbie" back then when he opened his shop- but his father and mother (my Great Grandfather Paul James PJ Lindsey and Great Grandmother "Polly" Pauline Whitmer Lindsey) had also previously owned an antique store called "Swap Shop" in Taylorville from which he learned the business. My Great Grandparents PJ & Polly also learned the business from a relative of mine visiting from California before I was even thought of!
 My Uncle Jim behind the counter of his antique store February, 1971.
 The view of his shop, "Lindsey's Antiques" from the street.
He continued on to tell me that the reason why he sold Victorian dresser and chest drawer pulls was due to the fact that the dressers were in poor condition. He would take off the pulls (or handles) and sell them- and burn the dressers for warmpth. Back then, Victorian (circa 1890) dressers in poor condition were not worth a lot of money. 
I really admire the entrepreneur he is.... he opened his own bait shop after this and recently opened his own bar- The County Seat. My family always goes to his bar to celebrate and we even taped an episode of my Aunt Kate's reality television show on Nickelodeon there. I love you, Uncle Jim and Aunt Kathy! Thanks for letting me borrow these photos and telling me more about your story. This antique store is actually where they first got to know each other well! They were only dating at the time. I would love to date a handsome man who owned his own antique store................... 
love, polly


Anonymous said...

Your family history is so inspirational.... One for the books! I can't wait until you write a book someday and reveal how influential your family's vintage/thrift stores were for you! I know you will be a great success and will make them proud!

Photostorming said...

Wow! This is a reat photo-story, you're so lucky that you have a family like that Polly!

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Unknown said...

Wow how awesome!!! I think you've inspired me to do a little digging into my own family history!! Beautiful pictures and story!

Unknown said...

This is very interesting to know.

Brigitte Honeybee said...

wow thats so awesome! thats great family history.

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