Costume Designing Once Upon a Time in 1977

We started filming Once Upon a Time in 1977 two weeks ago in Champaign at the White Horse Inn. It's a new film I'm working on directed by Chris and Anne Lukeman of Kill Vampire Lincoln Productions. You might remember when I costume designed Once Upon a Time in 1972... if not, here and here are a couple of the behind the scenes posts.... here and here and here is the trailer.
 This film is a sequel to the 1972 film. Thanks for taking a peek at our adventures in film making!
Me adjusting the main character Jon's outfit and my suitcases full of accessories.
 Chris Lukeman, the director and writer.
 Me chatting with the cast about costumes!
 First seven photos taken by Celine Antoinette Photography. Remaining photos below taken by me.
 Some of the costumes for the film waiting for extras!
 Our pimp-bots!
 Haha. Hannah took this picture of me eating carrots on set. Thanks, Hannah.
 SHOES of the main characters.
Jon and Maggie: the two of the main characters in costume.
That's all for now... but I did take a cute "behind the scenes video" as well. We will see if Anne and Chris let me share it before the film releases :)
Also..... many many thanks to my wonderful friend Stanley Lee of Le Shoppe who let us borrow from his amazing shop. WE LOVE YOU!
love, polly :)


Sampada said...

Ahh love this post! I watched the trailer for Once Upon A Time in 1972, and it is right up my alley! Good luck with the sequel :)


miss teacups said...

WHAAAAAT! Those white platforms are UH-MAZING!!