Hannah for Paulie Antiques Summer 2012

This was by FAR the craziest photo shoot Nathan and I have done. The photos in the first location with all the wildflowers turned out amazing but then it started to lightning and rain so we moved. Hannah was so sweet despite it all. We were literally "riding the storm out." Finally, we found a bean field with some escaping light from the distance. After about 15-20 minutes of shooting on our second location, it started to POUR. We were lucky enough to get a crack of lightning in the lookbook video! I was so thrilled. This lookbook video is unlike anything I've ever styled and it's so exciting to finally experiment with a night shoot. XO
All photos taken by the fabulous Nathan Adhikari.
Hannah's outfit: Vintage 1950's pink lace dress- I found at Dandelion Vintage while working there last summer
Vintage pins on her dress- my collection of pins
Vintage 1950's felt hat- my collection
Deep purple velvet heels- her own shoe collection (my favorite!)
Her earrings- I made them from vintage buttons last year!
yellow ochre belt- thrifted, my belt collection, my favorite belt!
vintage 1950's pink bracelet- my mother's
love, polly


Janette said...

How fun! Rain and lightning! Amazing work!! Your model is brave.. NO wait.. all of you are! Haha! Looks fantastic!


Unknown said...

Wow, these photos are fantastic - as always ♥

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

These pics are more mind-blowing than usual. Totally stunning.

marama said...

Amazing photos =)

Gentri said...

I love this! That lightning strike is fantastic! As is the styling!

andrea said...

GIRL!!! these are simply amazing! probably my favorite so far. It makes me wish I could do a photo shoot with y'all. Too too great! <3

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness. These photos are absolutely amazing!!!

Emma said...

These photographs are just incredible, the colours are so beautiful! I've figured out who Hannah reminds me of- a young Ashley Judd! She is beautiful!

Emma x

Chloe said...

I love her floral headpiece! Did you make it?