Framing tomatoes

I bought a frame from Goodwill the other day and finally framed my watercolor tomato slices painting. It makes me so so happy to see it in my room after completing it almost a year ago. It's right by my bed. 
love, polly


Maria said...

That painting is so incredible! It looks so real and the pattern of the inside of the tomato is so detailed and realistic. Wonderful job, you are so talented!
xx Maria

Unknown said...

So pretty! I see you have a banana one too! Do you have any others?

♥ Emily

Beauty Follower said...

LOve the color of the painting!

Emma said...

I love the painting Polly! Have you ever sold any? Also loved your apple earrings, I need to start making my own earrings as they're my favourite jewellery item!

Emma x

Brittany Sims said...

It looks so nice in a frame! :) You are so talented!


A Spoonful of Sparkle said...

I love this tomato picture! Its too cute! I just found your blog and I'm loving it! So many amazing photos, I love your style! Thanks for sharing!