10 days of family (day eight)

This is a photo of my Great Grandpa Paul James. PJ was his nickname, and it's also my nickname, too (because my name is Polly Jane). I don't mind if you call me PJ sometimes.... it reminds me of how funny and sharp my Great Grandpa PJ was until the very last days of his life. My Grandma Kutch came to visit him in the nursing home probably 8-10 years ago and told him, "Dad, I can't stay long," and he replied, "Okay... why don't you just drive by and honk next time?" That story makes me laugh so hard. I will never forget my Great Grandpa. His wife is still alive at 98 years old. Her name is Pauline Whitmer Lindsey (Polly is her nickname) and I was also named after her.
love, polly