edited or not: a series of out-takes

I figured I'd share a  recent out takes reel of outfit posts because it's been a while and I kind of forgot about doing it! I know they don't reveal any side boob or anything.. but here they are :). Most of them just didn't make the cut or my clothing just ended up looking really strange whilst moving in the photo. Happy Friday! You can see even more of my out takes here and here. Do you post your out takes? Link me!
love, polly :)


Unknown said...

they look really great for out takes!!!! i really love the one where you got the blue princess like dress..and the one where you are sitting on the bench.. but they are all great photos!
ps:i wish my out takes looked that good hahah

ftashion said...

Honestly Polly, these photos are looking great! I'm glad you kept and shared them!

Fang Ting

Jessica said...

Your out-takes are better than most of my blog's keeper shots! Love your inspiring looks!

Sade | IN MY SUNDAY BEST said...

You are such an absolute darling Polly!

Gentri said...

PSH! My outtakes are outtakes because they're horrid. These are INCREDIBLE!

Anonymous said...

I love all these photos!!! You look gorgeous in all of them!


This Charming Style said...

I can't believe these are out takes! You look so stunning in them all... Damn you! Haha :) xx

lebellebow said...

i am totally in love with your blog!
i am 100% following :)
you have an amazing dress sense,where do you get all your vintage dresses from?!

would love for you to check out my blog too,

Constance said...

Your blog is so so cute!

Paulie Antiques said...

you are all SO SWEET!!!!

Brittany Sims said...

I always have a heard time believing that your 'outtakes" are the photos that didn't make the cut because they all look amazing. All my outtakes usually don't make the cut because my face looked horrible or the shot didn't work out or some such reason. Yours are always beautiful.