Fashion your frames DIY

Hi, loves! I bought these frames at a thrift store in Springfield, MO when I went to visit Red Velvet this past summer and I still hadn't done anything with them... so I started getting antsy. Last night I was cooped up in my room so I decided to re- do the frames and feature two of my favorite Marc Jacobs design ads. He is such an inspiring designer and these are so close to my style!
1. Take your frame and take the glass and backing out of it so you can paint it. 
2. Gather your paintbrush and your favorite hue of acrylic paint (this will probably take two-three coats) and paint away!
3. Gather your pieces of art and place them on your mat-board or thick paper of your choice. Make sure the material you chose will act as a sufficient mat-board and is large enough to frame the whole photo.
4. Put your photos on the back and in the center of the mat-board/paper and trace around the edges. Depending on how thick you'd like your matted frame, allow 2-4 inches smaller than the actual size of the photo. This will cut off some of your original photo, but it's necessary to frame the photo.
5. Tape your artwork to the cardboard frame provided with the picture frame. 
6. Cut on the inside line that you drew for the mat-board with an exact-o knife and a cutting mat. You should be cutting out a box shape in the middle of your paper.. and the frame you end up with should be smaller than the artwork you're framing!
7. Now that you have the middle of your mat-board paper cut out with your exact-o knife, tape your mat-board on your photo and turn it upside down so you can see the excess paper.
8. Cut the excess paper with scissors or an exact-o.
Last but not least.. place your matted photos in your beautiful new frames...
And you're finished and ready to hang your beautiful creation! 
love, polly


Gentri said...

oooo! Ya, I love that. :D

Anonymous said...

That's such a cute idea! I need to get a bunch of picture frames and they'll probably be really cheap so this is a good idea to spice them up!


Brittany Sims said...

I love the color that you picked for the frames. :) Great DIY.

Kailey said...

What a fun diy! Thank you so much for sharing it with us :D xo

Zane said...

love the idea

The Beatniq said...

This is such a great idea! Love it.

Heather Belle said...

Cute post, as usual! :)

Janette said...

I've bought sooo soo many frames from the thrift store lately! Now ask me how many of those I've actually hung up??? Out of 20 that I have.. maybe about 1... I have commitment This was such a great DIY! Inspired me for sure!

Janette the Jongleur