sneak peek of my new room + designing my own course

As I was getting up for a figure drawing class this morning... something dawned on me. I already have the maximum credits, and I'm thinking of taking 22 hours this semester? Insane. I thought about it a lot and designing my own projects every Friday using the time blocked out for the class I would have had will be more beneficial to me. 
Besides, I need to start learning how to be my own motivation and boss! Anyway, I'm still composing what exactly the course will consist of each week. I am working on this large painting until it's completed, and after I've planned a few little DIY sewing projects and eventually a full garment (I have the perfect vintage fabric + pattern for a dress!) I definitely feel in my heart that this is the right decision for me. How do you act as your own motivator? I'd love to know..!
love, polly


jess said...

It sounds like a great idea. Your room looks good.

Lindsay Fisher-Collie said...

that does sound like a great idea! i have a hard time motivating myself most days, so it would be quite the challenge for me. i can't wait to get some inspiration from seeing your adventure though!

Anonymous said...

it's a good idea.. nice.. :)
Irene Wibowo

Alys said...

I'm getting a new room too, with lots more light than the old one and 3 clocks to show the time in London, Paris and New York.

I think I stay motivated by thinking about the end result, but to tell the truth, I need to work on the whole motivation thing!

Lyndall said...

It sounds like a good plan!

I motivate myself with lots of to-do lists. I try to reward myself for reaching certain goals too~ Like if I get a blog project done I reward myself with some video games. Hehe!

Eleni said...

Treats! Definitely. As in, "once I get this done, I can spend half an hour reading blogs" etc. It's also helpful to have a list of tasks which are pretty brainless or quick (eg: admin) which you can force yourself to do if you're not feeling particularly inspired one day. i always find that once I've achieved something (anything!) I feel motivated to do more. Good luck!