red & yellow ochre

And so I left Urbana. I packed everything up in my car and headed for Edwardsville. FORTUNATELY when I was ALMOST there... my car literally DIED. Yeah, it started making a rattling noise and it sounded like something was getting ready to fall out of the engine area. After a while, the lights started dying and my steering wheel started becoming harder and harder to turn. It was literally the scariest feeling especially with cars passing me at 70- 80 mph. So now I am stuck without a car. 
haha.. these pictures were obviously taken before my car died.. thank god.
I got the boots as a present from my Aunt Kate. Apparently they were just lying in the back of her closet? They are my first pair of cowboy boots and I have been wanting cowboy boots for a couple years! I always joke that I was just never meant to have them. Then they just appear! 
dress: thrifted h&m from Salvation Army
tights: UO 
green socks: vintage, my mother's
coat: vintage, Salvation Army
clutch: vintage, University of Illinois costume & props sale
1905 penny necklace: gift
love, polly 


mode. said...

i ADORE those tights! fantastic color and they look great on you.

Erin Dawn said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your car issues! :( I've had the same problem in the past...I hope you can get it fixed!
PS...fantastic jacket!!

An Occansional Ruffle said...

Um, you might not have a car, but at least you have super sweet C-boy boots. That's a win!

artichoke said...

Cute outfit :] I was going to watch the lunar eclipse, but the sky was too cloudy. I saw the last one, though, and it was really neat. Hope you got to see it!

Emma said...

im loving this combo of primary colour. mustard and red, it really works.
Scrapbook de la Emma

my best friend jules said...

I'd be happy to stroll along in those boots! They're so very cool!

Ps. What a bummer about your car!!

Xo Mervi

Audrey Allure said...

Gorgeous outfit, especially your coat.

Just stumbled by your blog &
I absolutely love it! :)
- Audrey Allure <3

Amber said...

absolutely love your new tights. Sorry to hear about your car, I hope you can get it fixed

Anonymous said...

how sad about your car. :( that exact thing has happened to me before--right in the middle of an interstate acceleration lane!! eek!
but the best condolence: you look super cute! i love that color combination.

Amy Acorn said...

i've missed reading your blog! you look so very pretty in these photos and i love your tights! x

Jan said...

Sorry to hear about your car. Keep warm!

Karen said...

Oh that's no fun! Referring to the car dying, not what appears to be oodles of fun in the pics. Hope your car is easily & inexpensively fixed or there is an easy solution around the corner.

We couldn't see the lunar eclipse here as we've got a series of rain storms passing through. Did you see it? :>

LolaDee said...

How cute are you in mustard! It was too cloudy here to see the eclipse :(


kimbirdy said...

oh no! that's so sad about your car. i hope you get things worked out soon. i wish i could have seen the lunar eclipse! but it was far too rainy here for that. blerg!

Nicole said...

LOVE this outfit!

Amandamarie said...

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is my favorite movie of all time. i'm loving everything related going on in your page ! and those boots are so awesome especially with the knee high socks :)


Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

lovely! Bright colors against the snow really can't be beat and ugh that sucks about your car!! I would have been freaking out :X


Human Sparkler ♥ said...

I absolutely love love love your blog!!!!! It is amazinnggg! such cute tights and boots in this post too!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your dress!!!

Its so pretty!

i'm glad you didnt get hurt at all with the car.

Marja <3

jen said...

you look beautiful on that snow! love the outfit.

life spelled jen

Unknown said...

I really love your dress x