even more suitcase photos!

my room mate Karla Jensen took these photos of me last Monday for her series of people and their collections. In my case, I somehow came to collect suitcases. I have a pink one that is not pictured because it didn't quite fit with the color scheme.
The dress I am wearing is from Salvation Army in Litchfield, IL. (it was 50 percent off day!) The belt is from Goodwill, too.
She also took my picture with a view camera (where you have to look through it under the black cloak). I am excited to see how it turns out for her.
here is Karla (she's a photo major at U of I) using the view 
camera, just to give you an idea of what it looks like!
Here's a really "emotional" picture I took of Karla.. haha 
love, polly


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

I love your pile of suitcases and your plaid dress. Anything plaid that doesn't look like a school girl gets an A+ from me!

MySpecialAgent said...

Cute dress. I can't find a plaid shirtdress anywhere. I am going home in October where my search will continue in their thrift stores. :) Love the "roomie" picture.

Tanvi said...

Lovely dress! Great shots! :) I have a thrift afternoon planned tomorrow. Wish me luck ;)

gee said...

wonderful, beautiful pictures.
i love old luggage...i would love to collect them but
i think it would take up 40% of my apartment and my husband may not like that.
i love love love that dress as well..
i have been checking Etsy everyday to find a vintage plaid dress..still looking though. :(

ching said...

you girls look great!
awesome suitcases..i want one! haha

Unknown said...

i love everything about this post!! perfect, and i love vintage suitcases too. I only have two though but I do want more. I got your letter too and want you to know that I haven't forgotten to reply. It's been a busy week! :)

WENDY said...

It's cool that you have a room mate to take outfit pictures for you :)

The suitcases are too cute by the way!


Miles Of Style said...

these pictures are sooo amazing! im very obsessed with vintage suitcases and their pics!

your blog is BEAUTIFUL! pls drop by mine when you have some time, perhaps we can follow each other/swap blog buttons? =)


Deer Little Fawn said...

I love suitcases too! If I had enough room to store them I would probably have loads! Lovely pics, you look so pretty! :)
x Beth

Josephine said...

i LOVE this !
you're absolutely beautiful !!

Diana said...

i love the vintage feel of these pictures and your suitcases are too cute!! loving your blog - im your newest follower :)

visit me!

Anonymous said...


You look really beautiful and I just love your suit cases! (I'm a suit case fan myself..)

Nice post, very pretty!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

The second photo is very beautiful! And i am very envious of all your lovely old suitcases, what a collection!! xxxxx

Anika said...

Hi Sweetheart! I saw your comment on your feature and just wanted to say again that I think you are lovely and that I am very happy to have featured you. I am sorry that you got that comment, but I hope that you saw the post I wrote about it as well, I wanted to adress it out of respect. I have been critized for not aiming my blog solely at plus size women, but I don`t want to limit my self, and I am more than my size, as are we all.
sending you lots of love!!!

Lane said...

Aw such cute pictures. I love Karla's skirt and love that camera it's so cool!

Jasmine said...

dear Polly

ahh u have so many haha i am going to steal one away

i love the red dress you're wearing , not to mention how awesome the photos turn out

by the way i have passed u an award for your blog ,u might have received it before but well that is the best i can do show u some love lol

with love


danielle said...

how nice to have a roomie/friend who likes photography, fashion, thrifting, etc. as much as you! Great pictures!

hueys said...

Hello polly!

You have so many lovely suitcases! I'll love to have on too! and I'm loving your adorable dress (:


Katelyn said...

I love all of your suitcases, they are so awesome.

I nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award!

Trina M Curran said...

eeeep! I stalk estate sales for suitcases. :) You can never have too many!

Lily said...

Lovely dress! Great shots! :)

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