Outfit: Ch Ch Changes

So- It's already Fall in Chicago... I almost can't believe I've been living here since the Spring. It has rained almost every day I've been here but I've learned to cover my head and haven't owned an umbrella until just the other day (thanks, Mom!). I've honestly gotten REALLY soaked in the rain while waiting on the bus, but it was kind of nice at times. In the past couple of weeks I've lost my wallet, had my bed stolen and I've had a stranger break my phone. Life in general isn't always easy but It's made me a stronger person and I've learned to survive without a phone, a bed, all my materialistic things. I've had all kinds of changes in the past month- I started a new job at Pump Room, moved into my own studio apartment and moved all my stuff from Taylorville and I've had invisalign braces now for 10 weeks! Now that I have all of my boxes from Taylorville that are full of my stuff- I feel really closed in by the amount of things I own... after living without it for the past year- it really made me realize how independent I've become of materialistic objects I used to fear losing so much. It's a great change and another chance at life I feel... Constant change is what keeps me feeling young and alive and fresh. I also bought this new wig the other day because I needed even more change. Haha! Do you like it?
My friend Elliott gave me this fabulous kimono which was owned by his grandmother last weekend... I am in love with it and this is the second time I've worn it. 

Outfit Details: Pants: American Apparel
Wedges: Steve Madden
Kimono: Vintage, Elliott's Grandmother's
Top: c/o Babewatch
Fascinator hat: Vintage
Sunglasses: c/o Sunglasses USA
love, polly


Alexandra Marie said...

Loving the black hair- too cute! Alex

Unknown said...

Can't believe someone stole your bed. How and why would anyone do that??

That outfit is fab though and I love the new wig.

lisa said...

I love this look so much Polly! The kimono is beautiful and the perfect finishing touch to this look. The new wig is looking good too, I love how you change your look up with them. I really can't believe someone stole your bed, I've never heard of that happening! You have such a good perspective and you're right- change keeps us feeling young and alive! :)

Nancy Wilde said...

Wow you look awesome! Those disco pants are so cool :) The hair reminds me a bit of Christina Aguilera in that videoclip "Fighter"!

Lauren said...

You're my hero, as always. Love the kimono! x

Emma said...

That kimono is unbelievable! what a lovely vintage gift from your friend! I adore this new look Polly! You are such a chameleon, i love how much fun you have with clothes, its so inspiring!

Also, your makeup is seriously WOW!

Emma x

Vikee said...

You look absolutely stunning
Gorgeous ensemble

Love Vikee

Sammi said...

You are such a babe!!! You look incredible, Polly. And I really admire you for all you're doing. Your strength inspires me - and I need that to figure out my next steps! <3

xox Sammi

Crissy said...

Ugh wow bed stolen and all that bad stuff? That's so horrible. Please say that didn't happen all at once!! D:

I totally understand about the materialistic objects! There were some items that I couldn't imagine parting with ever but things happen

I love your new wig! It's so pretty :D