Sponsored Interview: Skye Makaris of My Kingdom for a Hat

Today I'm introducing you to Skye, a burlesque dancer from Vermont who is passionate about writing, antiquing & dressing boldly. Read even more about her on her blog!
What is your earliest memory?
Skye: My parents left me in the car for what felt like hours while they ran an errand. I noticed my bawling, scrunched-up face in the rearview mirror and thought (in fractured toddler-speak), "that's what I look like?" Freud would have so much fun with that.
What inspires you?
Skye: The whole goddamn world. Hyperbole, but only just. I used to be really intensely spiritual - I actually have about half a religion degree to my name - and I grew up so fascinated by the concept of transcendence, of every aspect of creation sharing the same mystical core. I've grown less new-agey with time, but I'm still all about interconnections and common threads. I like mashing concepts together and forcing them to coexist. Exhibit A: my old-lady dresses and bright pink hair. Or presenting as hyperfeminine and then having all these cerebral things to say. I want to embody everything and a bag of chips. This world is too interesting not to.
Where are you from?
Skye: Nowhere, Vermont. We had ten acres and a river. There was a spot in the backyard where the night sky looked domed at a certain angle, like the roof of a snow globe. I moved to Burlington when I was seventeen, and though I've always had city aspirations, I don't think I can handle more than pop. 40,000. I'm a child of the hills.
What are your dreams? Goals?
Skye: To write the (or a, at least) Great American Novel. To collect so many antiques that a museum is named for me when I die. To perform on any stage that'll have me. To be the cackling old lady in the piecemeal Victorian, siccing her ferrets on neighborhood brats. To cultivate a giant garish flower garden. To run my own haunted house. To cover this mortal skin with ink. 
Tell us about your burlesque....
Skye: I feel utterly at home in sleazy speakeasies and flapper dens. If you've seen Moulin Rouge!, you have a good idea of what my mindscape is like. I started volunteering at haunted houses in high school, which introduced me to the Burlington alternative arts scene. I started attending cabarets to watch my haunted house friends perform, then started taking lessons myself. The glitz and glamour (and tiny top hats) drew me in, but my favorite thing about it is the melding of the high (art) and the low (sex). Burlesque hits the audience on so many different levels. It gets the animal impulses as well as the more erudite ones. 
What's your daily schedule like?
Skye: I work a day job at a Chinese herb store, which is not and never will be, despite frequent requests from acquaintances to "hook them up", a head shop. After the grind, I'll attend a burlesque class or a haunted house production meeting, take photos, or write for one of the publications I freelance for. Weekends are for antiquing, road tripping, and debauchery - and my boyfriend and I maintain a constant backdrop of creepypastas. You might call it a charmed life, but I prefer cursed.
Check out more of Skye's posts on her blog! XO
love, polly