Time Passed

I've been feeling nostalgic lately..................... and I suppose my mother has, too, because she keeps posting baby photos of me. Graduating from college has been fun, but it's starting to fill my head with questions. I thought I would share some of these black and white photos taken by one of my mom's friends in California before we moved to Illinois. This was before I had a father. I was adopted at age two by my wonderful dad, Dennis Bland. He has been so wonderful to my mom and me and we appreciate him more than he will ever know. I love you, mom and dad! XO
love, polly


Photostorming said...

Oh, these are so purely beautiful! At the second one, your feet finger is wet, just because you probably sucked it :))

You're lucky that you have such an amazing family full of love <3

Jamie S said...

I was adopted too :)

alisa nicholle said...

I hadn't realized you lived in California, where abouts? I grew up as a child there. :)

Emma said...

What a gorgeous photo of you and your mother! I can really see the likeness between you two!

Emma x