Suitcases and such

I went thrifting today...
I bought this vintage make-up carrying case today! (I already have a green one that I'm in love with)
I found my first blue suitcase! bought for $1.50.
I snatched these adorable size 7.5 leather cut out slip ons from Great Value Thrift! SOLD.
love, polly


Jenny said...

Hi Polly,

Thank you soooo very much for stopping by my site and saying, 'Hello"! It means
the world to me. I just started blogging, so the kind comments sure help. Your
blog is awesome too! Love, love, love that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless
Mind" movie. You are very, very creative and have an amazing future ahead of
you. Best of luck. PLease stay in touch.

Jamie Maldonado said...

Oh! Thanks for the reminder that Headlights exist. That's an album I've never had a chance to give a proper listen to. Perfect for my un-centered music mood. :)


really enjoyed browsing your blog :)


cute kitty ;)

Anonymous said...

oh what great finds! I love your cat ( i think i have an obsession for cats :) ) and in your header i really like your hair color

Isquisofrenia said...

lets be the bestest friends hahhah
no serioulsy yea ill follow you
your style is very vintage very unique i totally dig that
and your blog is so fun to read!!!
have a nice weekend babe!

christen. said...

girl! you seriously could not get any cuter!
LOVE the painting. do. want.


*rachelwears said...

i love thoses shoes!!!!x

tabitha jane said...

so cute!

Aoife Blake said...

Hi Polly! Thank you for your lovely comment on my post :)
I absolutely LOVE people like you and can't wait to read more posts.
I've added your badge to my blog, not for the giveaway, just because I really like it :)

Aoife x

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

Oh that last photo of the lady! Looks like one of Dior models! The hat and the dress fits his style! I am 99% sure that it is Dior model! <3